Sunday, April 26, 2009

WOW it is finally here... Gradutation! I tell ya 5 years is enough schooling for me. I am going nuts here in Logan. Yeah I know I love logan and I love Utah State but I am so so done with this place. Thank goodness I am not marrying a local. I don't think I could spend the rest of my life here.
So yeah I am going to be a college grad. This is weird. Yeah talk about big plans after graduation NOT. I am moving home and working at the Lion House again. Hopefully I will find another job. I still need to write a resume first. BLAH.
If you here of anything that is open let me know and I would love to check it out.
I must say I miss salt lake and I can't wait to go back but I am not too excited to live at home again. Its cheap so that is where I will be. I am kind of curious to see what summer will bring and where my life goes once back in Salt Lake. Who knows maybe I will find someone to date and then get married. Ha ha that was a joke. I will be single forever :) I have lots for me down there I think it will be a good change. and It will be good to have a break from school forever or until I decide to go to grad school.

Well I think I am done writing for now. so peace

Monday, November 24, 2008


So guess what I am like 99% sure I am headed to Brazil for spring break! Yeah! I am going with a group called VIDA (Volunteers Involved in Development Abroad) it is based out of Salt Lake City but we have a USU chapter. VIDA helps to improve the quality of life of the communities by helping construct houses for needy families, teaching various skills to the children and adults of the communities, and by creating awareness of disease prevention and the people’s rights in the community. The Coolest thing about these service projects are that they are On-Going! Each year we return to these communities to improve and keep our previous projects up and running. What I am trying to say is that our projects are not a one time thing where we go and never return.

I am really exctied to be apart of this organization and the opportunity to go to Brazil. This is where all of you can come in... I need to Raise a little over $1500 dollars to be able to go. I would like to ask if any of you can help by donating money to this project. If you would be interested in helping me get to Brazil let me know and I can send you something!

Check out the VIDA website!



Friday, September 12, 2008

Another year has gone by... And guess what time it is... My Birthday! yes it is true I am not 23 for another day, but who cares i can wish me a happy birthday today! Acutally I willnot be able to get on the computer at all tomorrow because of GTBT training all day long. 9-5. Yeah yeah. After that I will make the hour and a half treck down to salt lake so I can go to the FAIR with my wonderful Family! I am very excited to go since the last time I went to the fair was for my 10th birthday. Anyway enjoy this wonderful picutre of a dog!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Back to School

Okay so Monday the 25th started the new school year off. I didn't actually have class but I went to my first practicum meeting. I am doing my practicum at the Child and Family Support Center. Interns to many things like helping out in the nursery, going on out reach, and teaching parenting, social skills, anger management, and step family classes. Yes folks I will be doing all of that. I will be teaching every other lesson for each class. This is how my schedule will be.

Monday: Intern meetings

Tuesday: I go to school at 7:30am- 2:45. Then I have go to the PM Step-Family Class. I work with the teens right now and this group is a tough crowd to please.

Wednesday: Later afternoon- night Social skills class and right after the Parenting class.

Thursday: School at 9:00-2:45 and then go to the afternoon angermanagement class.

Friday: Nursery Time!!

On Top of all of this I still have to do homework assignments for school and the CFSC, and plan my lessons!!

As you can see I have a bunch of stuff going on up here at school. Pray for me. I still need my play time so I have been to a bonfire, been off roading, gone to a movie night, watched tons of movies at my house, been to a few parties (going to 2 this weekend) and been 80's dancing!!! included are some photos of me dressed up!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Very Bad Day

So anyway I know everyone has their very bad days, and Friday July18th, 2008 was MY VERY BAD DAY. Thursday night I went to see the Dark Knight at midnight. Amanda went with me and we really liked it. Anyway I have decided I don't do midnight movies very well if I have to work the morning shift the next day. I got home early Friday morning about 3:30 am and went right to sleep, and then woke up at 8:00 to get ready for work. I am always a little groggy and grumpy when I wake up (it ususally takes me a few hours to really "wake up") By the time my shift was over I was fully awake. On my way home I was driving down 5th south heading south bound on the freeway entrance. I wanted to get into the left hand lane so I did what every drive should do I checked my blind spot and for a clear opening to move over. As I turned back around I saw myself SLAM into the Back of a Blue Suzuki Reno. I had no time to stop!! I think I was going 20-25mph.(at least I wasn't on the freeway yet going 65mph).

I was in shock. What did I just do?! I honestly sat there with my hands over my face and cried. After I regained some composure I called 911 and had the police come. We were there forever filling out accident reports and talking with the ambulance people. Luckily no one was seriously hurt. I had a stiff neck and back and the girl in the other car was a little sore from her her seatbelt had pulled, and I think her shoulders and back hurt a little too. I am lucky I wore my seatbelt too because I know I would have hit the windshield. So Put your seatbelts ON!!!!!!!!

I ended up getting a ticket for following to close. We will see how much that will cost me and I will update you on that. I am greatful I got some pretty nice cops. I normally don't like cops but these ones were nice and worked really hard to calm me down. One of them made me laugh... She said so did you clean the sink at angies? and I was like "yeah I really did how did you know?" She said I grew up in Logan and I use to eat there a lot." So yeah I just thought it was funny when she asked me if I had really done it.

The update on the car is that it is a total loss. My mom said at least we get more out of it than what I expected. Hey maybe my sisters and I can get laptops now!

Moral of the story: Do not follow too close, and pay closer attention. I was not destracted by my cell phone or the radio. I just didn't look! I feel really stupid about it and I wish car accidents upon NO ONE! so please be patient, slow down and pay attention!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Grandpa Lambert

So my mom told me that my cousin Aly wanted us to write memories of our Grandpa so she can compile our stories. WELL Aly here is what I remember.. I am sorry if they are not long stories but at least it is something.
I remember going to grandpa's house when we were little for family get togethers. Grandpa would set up his mexican or asian ring toss game in the back yard for us to play with. I remember how much of a handyman Grandpa was, from all the toys he would make for us to play with. I even think he made his own version of a skip-it one time.
Grandpa was also a magician. I remember for one of my birthdays he came and did a magic show for my first-grade class. I was so relieved to have him be there because I had gotten into some trouble before he arrived.
One of my favorite things Grandpa had was his movie library. It was so cool that he had his own coding and checkout system for each movie. If I wanted a movie I would have to write my name on a 3x5 card and the date of when I was checking out the movie.
I will miss my Grandpa but I know he is healthy and happy again.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My First Blog

To all of my friends,
This is my first blog and I really don't have much to write about. Maybe I will tell you about my day! I woke up at almost 11:00 am today. I almost didn't want to wake up because I was dreaming the most wonderful dream ever. I was in PE class where we were playing a great game of capture the flag. This game was super fun and the thrill of trying not to get caught pumped through by entire body. I could almost feel the thrill in real life. Man I wish I could be back in PE Class again; those were the best days ever!
After I woke up I ate 1 egg for breakfast. This is not enough to keep me satisfide but that was all we had at home. About 11:30 or so I played on facebook, then I took a shower to so I could smell nice for work.
I went to work at 3:00 and prepared for the busy night ahead. Man let me tell you how busy we were..... We had 1 rush at like 6:00 of about 50 people. BIG WOOP! it was soooooo slow tonight. So when I got home I got back on Facebook because that is the only thing I do these days!
Which leads us to now. I wanted to see Greg and Chels' blog; which is really cute by the way then I wanted to see Whit's and Russ and then I saw katie and nick's. I notice alot of people I know are on Blogs so I got jealous and wanted to make one too. Mine is kind of a pointless blog because I am not married or interesting but I hope it will be fun to communicate and read what is up with everyone! UNTIL NEXT TIME!!!!